Praise God

When the Ebola virus wreaked havoc on West Africa, the eyes of the world turned to Liberia and SIM’s ELWA Hospital. The epidemic dominated headlines for months and fear of the life shattering illness ignited the globe.

At the center, ELWA Hospital offered quality treatment with the compassion and care of Jesus Christ to those desperate for healing and hope.

Through it all, we leaned on the prayers and support of our dedicated partners like you. When we found ourselves suddenly at the center of an exploding epidemic, we were strengthened by God’s supernatural care—and by the generosity of caring hearts. Words cannot express our gratitude for your partnership and prayers.

For His glory and because of His unfailing love,

Bruce Johnson
SIM USA President


SIM’s motto is “By Prayer” because we believe that our ministries cannot succeed without God’s help and blessing. Your prayer partnership with us is vital. Please sign up to receive future updates.

Though we were troubled, we did not despair. Though we grieved, we are not without great hope. For two millennia, the Church has served the sick and marginalized. We are called to do no less today.


fell ill to Ebola during the crisis


were treated in SIM hospitals by SIM staff


perished across West Africa due to this disease


have survived, including 3 SIM staff members


the amount SIM spent to combat Ebola in West Africa

God Provided

Thanks to your prayers we raised enough to treat this Ebola outbreak

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support for the people struggling during this epidemic.

At this time the crisis is slowing, but the need for prayer is still great. We ask that you continue to pray with us for those who are rebuilding their lives, missing their loved ones, and still facing the effects of this terrible disease.

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